The STARK GROUP Sourcing organisation is set up to work across the Nordic markets and handle all purchasing, import and private label tasks for STARK GROUP including the four commercial business units STARK Denmark, STARK Finland, Beijer Byggmaterial and Neumann Bygg.

The STARK GROUP sourcing organisation is set up to work across the geographical markets. The organisation handles all purchasing, import, logistics and private label tasks for STARK GROUP.

STARK GROUP follows a sourcing strategy, which focuses on efficient collaboration with a number of strategic and preferred suppliers. The strategy contributes to significant cost savings on the buying side, better prices, a higher service level for the Group's customers and advantages to the suppliers selected by the Group. At the same time, STARK GROUPs product range and competitive position are being improved through the increased import of products through our own sourcing offices.

One of the effects of these efforts is a more efficient production of the Groups's own brands. The own brand department reports to the STARK GROUP sourcing organisation.

If you are a supplier and would like to hear more about STARK GROUP's sourcing and the services we offer our suppliers, please feel free to visit the Sourcing website and use the contact info listed to the right.