CSR & Policies

As as big company we have a responsibility for people, environment and society. We take this serious and are never done improving. 

Code of Conduct

The STARK GROUP Code of Conduct provides a framework for our operating businesses to apply best practice, benefit from each other’s experience and improve effectiveness. To learn more, please read the downloadable PDF-file.



Here at STARK GROUP, we are convinced that our continued success relies on the different skills, experiences and backgrounds that our employees bring to their roles. We are certain that diversity and inclusion have a positive impact on our performance, our products, the communities in which we live and work, and our employees' lives. Our workforce reflects the increasing diversity of the greater community. Therefore, our efforts to understand, appreciate and incorporate differences are becoming more important all the time.

As a workplace, we ensure equal treatment and opportunities for all employees. We take pride in belonging to a community that comprises different genders, ages, ethnicities, disabilities, sexual orientations, faiths and religions.

Women in management, ethnic diversity and accessibility for employees with disabilities are prioritized areas.

Women in management

Women make up half the world's population - too much talent is wasted if we don't focus on getting this major talent pool involved at management levels. This is the simple reason that STARK GROUP is so focused on this issue.

In 2013, 27% of our employees are women, and women hold 13% of management positions. Of these, about 8% are at a Top Management Level.

These numbers must go up. With that goal in mind, we've initiated a number of programs to increase women's involvement at every level, including management roles.

Implemented in 2013, this plan of action introduced:

  • Surveys and analyses of recruitment processes
  • Training and mentoring programs for managers and women aspiring to management positions
  • Programs from top management down to encourage and motivate female talent to choose management careers and provide support when necessary

We will ensure that discussions among our board of directors include multiple perspectives on business and the industry in general. The board also aspires to be diverse, while still reflecting our customer base. And by focusing on getting more women in management positions - the pool of female talent will increase - and secure that at least 40% of our board of directors will be female before 2017.


Being a trading and distribution company, STARK GROUP is not a heavily polluting operator itself but we are of course aware of our responsibility and impact on the environment.

Twice a year all business units in STARK GROUP report on their emissions, water & energy consumption as well as waste generation.

The environmental impacts that are most material to STARK GROUP are vehicle fuel consumption, energy consumption for buildings (electricity, heating, etc.) and waste production. All businesses have reduction targets for their carbon contributors as well as for waste to landfill.

We also explore opportunities to reduce the environmental impacts of our suppliers and customers.

Lean more by reading our Environmental Policy.


CO2 Emissions

As a Group, our biggest contributors to carbon emissions are vehicle fuel (45 %)and electricity (33%). Fuel consumption for operations (i.e, gas, oil, district heating or diesel for forklifts consumption) represents 21% of our carbon footprint.

Local initiatives have driven reductions in our emission from both our transportation of goods and our car business travel activities. For the transportation of goods, these include the phased switch towards higher-efficiency vehicles, environmental-friendly driving training for our drivers and improved logistics. When it comes to company car, fleets are increasingly low-carbon as businesses transition their fleets to more fuel-efficient vehicles.

As a result in 2013/2014 STARK GROUP reduced the absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 16% compared with the last financial year.


In 2013/2014, the group reduced total waste generation by 5% while the share of recycled waste rose from 44% to 45%.


In 2013/2014, the water consumption decreased by 17%, partially due to employee awareness raising but also to data improvement.

See all the details of the reporting.

Sustainable forestry

With effect from March 2013, the EU's EUTR timber regulation came into force.
The regulation means that importers and operators are required to conduct a due diligence process that enables them to track timber at all levels of the supply chain. STARK GROUP has together with a specialized business partner in the field developed a program to address this challenge so STARK GROUP meets the requirements for EUTR. This means that all Group companies have a high level of commitment and at the same time ensures that all Group companies work together on quality assurance and quality control and that best practice is shared most effectively.

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

Besides of the above, STARK GROUP is also taking part in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). The CDP is a voluntary reporting exercise which assesses both the transparency and the performance of companies when it comes to Carbon emissions.
Since 2011, our answers to the CDP questionnaire are made public and available on www.cdproject.net

Health & Safety

Health and Safety (work environment)

All operations within STARK GROUP are managed according to our Occupational Health & Safety Management System.
This ensure that we proactive are working for a safe and healthy environment for our employees, customers, suppliers, contractors, visitors and others that may be influenced by our activities.

Our overall health and safety visions, values and targets are described in our Health and Safety Policy.

STARK Fonden

Stark Fonden

Our Foundation (Fonden Det Danske Trælastkompagnis Jubilæumslegat af 23. April 1946) considers funding in two categories:

1: Support of young tradespeople in their education, especially within the timber and lumber industry, including in particular travel support and stay abroad for training purposes. 

2: Support of charitable projects from organisations and/or individuals related to the timber and lumber industry.

If you wish to apply, you can do so by completing the relevant application form and sending it to:

STARK Fonden
C. F. Richs Vej 115
2000 Frederiksberg

Download application form