STARK Denmark

STARK is a nationwide Danish chain of builders merchants, selling timber, building materials and tools and providing professional advice on building and logistic solutions to professionals and DIY builders.

STARK was founded in 1896 under the name of DDT Detail, in which all the stores in the business unit carried their own local names.

In October 2004 a nationwide cooperation and a common identity for all stores were established under the new name "STARK".

The number of builders’ merchant outlets has increased significantly from 1988-1990 due to a consolidation in the builders’ merchant industry. Today, the STARK division is nationwide in Denmark and Greenland.

The primary STARK customers are both professional contractors and DIY builders - the latter being semi-professional consumers who comprise a group somewhere between typical consumer DIY’ers and professional builders.

Professional customers are served from the builders’ merchant outlets, where they have access to more than half a million products - the most widely used are always held in stock, and the is ordered upon customer request - and access to professional advice on all phases of the building process is always available. In addition, about half the stores have a DIY section where consumer DIY’ers can choose from a wide and well-assorted product range.