STARK Suomi enhances its level of customer service

The craftsmen in and around Helsinki can look forward to an improved customer experience with the opening of STARK Suomi’s new and modern flagship store in the Helsinki metropolitan area. The branch is built from a customer perspective focusing on digitalisation and having “everything under one roof” in order to provide the most efficient customer journey. As part of the construction, STARK Suomi’s new headquarters is located on top of the branch.

Since 2020, STARK Suomi has strengthened its branch network and has now 27 branches across Finland, including three Nonstop 24/7 branches in Helsinki, Oulu and Tampere, with a fourth opening later this month.

“The area in and around Helsinki is a very important area to us. We want to serve the builders in the best way possible and even more extensively. The construction of the new branch in Espoo is an important step in strengthening our service, and I believe it will further raise the level of service for professional builders in the Helsinki metropolitan area,” says Harri Päiväniemi, CEO of STARK Suomi.

The new STARK branch in Olari, Espoo, was constructed by Jatke Oy.

Kaspar Bach Habersaat