Meet our people


We are more than 20,000 people working together to help build other people’s future. Generalists and specialists from all walks of life. Deep dive into stories shared by some of our passionate and dedicated people. Discover what they do, what drives them and why they love working at STARK Group.   

Meet Bent

"When I came to STARK Group, I was surprised by the corporate feeling and how good of a team it is. I think it has been a focus on getting people on board that fit together. Seeing all these professional people work together allows everybody to get cross-functional work and see things from the bigger perspective."

Bent Bille-Brahe-Selby, Group Legal Counsel & Attorney, STARK Group

Meet Josefine

"I get a lot of responsibility and trust from my coworkers, which is very motivating. We have a great collaboration across the team. It is very nice to be on a team with such talented people." 

Josefine Casparsen, Student Assistant, Sustainability, STARK Group

Meet Mathias

"When I first got introduced to STARK, I thought it was all about selling nuts, bolts and timber. But then I really figured out what the STARK Group was all about; the people, the journey and the composition of how we are going to advance the company into the future."

Mathias Glahn, Group Head of M&A, STARK Group

Meet Rishma

”I wanted to work somewhere where we would get a chance to bring new ideas to life. And that is what we are doing right now at STARK. If you have an idea, and you think the idea has value, you have the space and platform to speak it into being. When you have that much room to grow professionally, there is no limit to what you can do.”

Rishma Maharaj, IT Project Assistant, STARK Group IT

Meet Mateusz

“We want to be the ones driving the digital transformation in the construction industry. It is interesting to be in IT from a technical perspective. I see the passion in my team. When we are given a task, everyone is keen on helping out the business in the best way, where we can execute what the business wants in a technical way that also supports the IT strategy.” 

Mateusz Kopec, Ecommerce Tech Lead, STARK Group IT