More than 120 years of expertise driven by decency, passion and pride


How it started

One small local timber yard in Aarhus, Denmark. That is how it all started. 

Fast-forward to today, and we have grown into an international Group and a leading supplier of products and materials to professional builders across Northern Europe. 

Our story began in 1896 when two local firms, Jørgensen & Stilling and Petersen & Matzen, merged under the name Aarhus Trælasthandel A/S. This local merger turned out to be the beginning of a long and eventful journey. The journey has included organisational and geographical growth and expansion. One of our first accomplishments was in 1918 when the newly-named Det Danske Trælastkompagni A/S was listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. 

On the company's 100th anniversary in 1996, our name changed into Danske Trælast A/S. After several years as a listed company, Danske Trælast A/S was acquired by private equity firm CVC in 2003. Three years later, the name changed to DT Group A/S, and the company was sold to Ferguson, a British plumbing supplier.

In 2018, DT Group A/S was acquired by the American private equity firm Lone Star Funds, and the name changed to STARK Group A/S.

Becoming an international Group

Sweden was the first step on the journey from being a national Danish player in the building industry to a leading builders' merchant in Northern Europe. 

In 1989, Det Danske Trælastkompagni A/S expanded its position in the Nordic market with the acquisition of Swedish builders' merchant chain Beijer Byggmaterial AB. In 1996, under the new name Danske Trælast A/S, the company expanded West with the acquisition of Norwegian builders' merchant Neumann Bygg AS. In July 2000, Finland-based Starkki became the fourth member of our Group. 

In 2004, Danske Trælast A/S was the parent company for 75 timber yards in Demark, all gathered under the STARK name. Together with our three Nordic subsidiaries, STARK Group became the largest builders' merchant in the Nordic region. 

With the acquisition of leading German builders' merchant Saint Gobain Building Distribution Deutschland GmbH in 2019, STARK Group went from being the leading builders' merchant in the Nordics to a top player in the building materials industry in Northern Europe.

Historical highlights

The Group was founded April 23 under the name Aarhus Trælasthandel.

The Group was listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange.

Expanded to Sweden with the acquisition of Beijer Byggmaterial.

The Group was renamed Danske Trælast A/S.

Expanded to Norway with the acquisition of Neumann Bygg.

Expanded to Finland with the acquisition of Starkki.

CVC Capital Partners acquired the Group in a public-to-private deal.

Name changed to DT Group A/S and acquired by Ferguson plc.

The Group was acquired by Lone Star Funds and renamed STARK Group A/S. 

Expanded to Germany with the acquisition of SGBDD.


STARK Group is owned by Lone Star Funds, an American private equity firm advising funds that invest globally in real estate, equity, credit and other financial assets.

Today and into the future

STARK Group consists of 10,000 people working across more than 400 branches in Northern Europe. We are local builders' merchants focusing on professional builders in thriving communities — from Rheinfelden-Herten in southern Germany to Tromsø in northern Norway and everywhere in between.

We empower builders and the entire construction industry with insights, product knowledge and sound advice. Our united strength enables us to source products internationally, so professional builders can build value in their local communities.

Our superior logistics ensure that the right products and building materials are delivered on time, exactly when, where and how our customers need them.

We listen to our customers and partners and pay attention to the world around us while we work hard to minimise our environmental footprint today and in the future.

With decency, passion and pride, we stand by each other, share ambitions and go out of our way to achieve them. That is what it takes to find better solutions for our customers, our partners and the planet.

Whether our customers are designing, constructing or renovating, we equip, support and help them set the standard for trusted work.  

Trust builds the future.