Our united strength allows us to source internationally and turn economies of scale into local business benefits. STARK Sourcing aims to be the most efficient access point to all suppliers serving professional customers in Europe.


At STARK Group, we aim to be the most efficient access point to all suppliers serving professional builders in Europe. To achieve this mission, we are guided by our high standards on how we do business. We work to provide the most competitive terms where it matters most to our customers and partners, all with the ambition to be the preferred partner for sustainable construction.  

Through a strong relationship with our suppliers, our strategy contributes to significant cost savings on the buying side, better prices, higher service levels for STARK Group customers and advantages to the suppliers selected. We combine scale with local presence to benefit our customers and to provide opportunities for our trusted suppliers.

Responsible sourcing

AT STARK Group, responsible sourcing and responsible supply chain management are crucial aspects of our sustainability commitment.

We source a large variety of products on a global scale and are committed to procuring products from financially healthy, reliable sources that trade ethically and responsibly and demonstrate anti-corruptive policies. This is ensured with rigorous monitoring of suppliers, product quality, and customer satisfaction.

We undertake prompt and deliberate corrective action where products do not comply with legislation or where product failures have been identified.

Supplier Code of Conduct

At STARK Group, we are committed to delivering sustainable solutions in our dealings with customers, colleagues, suppliers, and in the communities where we work and thrive. To ensure a consistent approach throughout our supply chain, we expect our suppliers to have or adopt similar business principles to our own.

We have a strong partnership with our suppliers, and a sustainable supply chain is crucial to our common success. Our size and close relationship with trusted suppliers give us an opportunity to win together in our markets and create sustainable growth while contributing to solving general challenges in the industry and society.

As a STARK Group supplier, you will be required to acknowledge the significance of environmental, ethical and social matters in your conduct and to work towards improving your quality standards and performance in these areas. We encourage our suppliers to obtain an ESG rating that reflects sustainability efforts and results and to collaborate with STARK Group to address material sustainability matters.


As a part of STARK Group's core values, we are committed to operating under high ethical standards that support, amongst others, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We acknowledge that the products we source are available thanks to the efforts of a vast number of people working within the mining, forestry, and manufacturing industry. So, when we source our products, we take ethical concerns and human rights into consideration to support safe and decent working conditions throughout the supply chain. 

Our Code of Conduct is dedicated to helping each of our employees and suppliers live the STARK Group values daily in all decisions and interactions across the supply chain. We expect our suppliers, contractors, and agents to adhere to our Code of Conduct and to adopt similar standards.

We aim to be the most efficient access point to all suppliers serving professional builders in Europe. Our European Supplier Programme has, since its beginning in 2020, evolved into a platform for sharing updates on market developments and participating in working groups on sector-specific topics, including its Sustainability Round Table.

In June 2023, members of the European Supplier Programme discussed the Future of Big Cities and trends and future demands in urban construction where growth is significantly stronger, and new regulations and customer demand emerge first.