STARK Suomi strengthens its customer service by opening second Nonstop 24/7 branch

Today, STARK Group’s Finnish business unit, STARK Suomi, is opening their second Nonstop 24/7 branch in the Oulu region. The store and pick-up concept provides the professional builders with more flexibility in their workday. STARK Suomi opened Finland’s first 24/7 builders’ merchant in the Helsinki metropolitan area in spring 2020.

“The customers’ expectations and the feedback we have received from the branch in the Helsinki area has been very positive. There is no other builders’ merchant in the area that operate like this, so we offer our customer a completely new service experience” says Sami Harjula, branch manager in STARK Oulu.

Turning STARK Oulu into a 24/7 Nonstop branch improves the service to the professional builders and is reflected in the entire branch’s operations. The store's flow and pick-up yard has been streamlined, and a new entrance has been opened for customers picking up building materials in the evening or at night.

“We opened Finland’s first 24/7 builders’ merchant in the Helsinki area last spring. Choosing to turn the Oulu branch into a 24/7 is an investment in the future, and in the service, we can provide the builders in the Oulu region. With great experience from the Helsinki area, it was clear that we should expand the concept. It is a significant investment for us, but we have strong confidence in the Oulu region,” says Harri Päiväniemi, CEO of STARK Suomi.

Kaspar Bach Habersaat