About us

We are an international Group with a local attitude


STARK Group consists of 12,500 people working across 550 branches and distribution centres in Northern Europe. We are a heavy building materials distributor focusing on professional builders in thriving communities — from Klagenfurt in southern Austria to Tromsø in northern Norway, and everywhere in between.

We empower builders and the entire construction industry with insights, product knowledge, and sound advice. Our united strength enables us to source products internationally, so professional builders can build value in their local communities. 

STARK Group has built trust since 1896, overcome challenges, and pioneered the construction industry for more than 125 years. And we continue to do so.

We build our future by helping others build theirs


STARK Group is an international heavy building materials distributor with many local builders' merchants. We are one big family and one branded house, with a shared strategy, ambitions and values. We give the local business units the freedom and opportunity to solve matters in ways that make sense at the local level. 

Bridging the gap in the value chain

Our united strength lets us source products and building material internationally, to deliver value in the local communities across our seven Northern European markets.

As a leading heavy building materials distributor in Northern Europe, we bridge the gap between our suppliers and customers — Northern Europe's professional builders.