We build our future by helping others build theirs, and this is what it takes


Our values

Our core values reflect what we stand for and help our customers and partners understand and appreciate what it means to do business with us.


We act with decency towards customers, colleagues, and partners

In everything we do, we aim to earn trust. Trust requires integrity, and integrity requires decency. As a market leader, the success of our customers is always at the forefront of our daily activities. It is only by being fully committed to our dealings with customers, colleagues and partners, that we earn the right to be the most trusted builders' merchant. 


We care deeply about people and society

We are driven by people with a passion for our customers and our business. People who go out of their way to help build success for others and for society as a whole. With enquiring minds and easy smiles, we encourage each other to be better every day, and we celebrate our accomplishments together.


We take pride in delivering what we promise

We have come a long way since our beginning in 1896. Today, we are grateful to have earned our position as a market leader. We take pride in delivering on our promises to customers, colleagues and partners every day, and continue our efforts to remain trustworthy as we build our future and welcome new colleagues on board.  


The most trusted
business-to-business distributor of heavy building materials in northern europe


We use our united strength to build local value