Beijer Byggmaterial opens new branch in record time

STARK Group’s subsidiary Beijer Byggmaterial leads the way making sure the professional craftsmen get the right products exactly when, where and how they need them by opening a new branch in record time. At the end of February 2021, STARK Group acquired Mälarträ AB through Beijer Byggmaterial, the keys were handed over on 31 March, and just six days later, on 6 April, the branch opens as Beijers 83rd across the entire Sweden.

The preparation work has been done in record time to be able to meet the customers and the increased focus on sales before the coming high season. Besides containing all the facilities that a Beijer branch always offers its customers, it will open for e-commerce with over 65,000 available goods and appurtenant logistics equipment.

“We have really increased the pace of the preparation work. We have continuously developed our methods and processes for our acquisitions and start to get really good at this. At the same time, we have a strong, experienced and competent team with us who constantly focuses on the customers and onboarding our new colleagues into the Beijer family. We are ready, just four weeks after the acquisitions, to welcome both new and existing customers,” says Mattias Karlsten, Head of Operational Development at Beijer Byggmaterial.

Kaspar Bach Habersaat