Beijer's CEO urges the construction industry: Join the fight against prostate cancer

For the fifth year in a row, Beijer Byggmaterial is the main partner for Mustaschkampen that takes place during November. The purpose of the campaign is to inform and raise money for the fight against Sweden's most common form of cancer, prostate cancer.

As in previous years, Beijer will sell blue advertising products to builders through its 108 branches and e-commerce platform. The proceeds go directly to Mustachkampen. Customers will also be able to donate to research directly in Beijer's branches, through digital fundraising, and on Beijer's e-commerce platform.

“As the largest builders’ merchant chain in Sweden, it is natural for us to be a partner for Mustaschkampen. The construction industry in Sweden has over 310,000 employees, most of whom are men, for which reason this campaign is close to our hearts and minds. It is important to spread information about the disease, but more money is also needed for research. Therefore, we encourage our suppliers, customers and competitors to participate in the fight against prostate cancer. Together we can build longer lives,” says Geir Thomas Fossum, CEO of Beijer Byggmaterial.

Together with its customers, Beijer Byggmaterial has increased its contribution and commitment to the Mustaschkampen each year. This year's novelty is that the bestseller, the specially developed meter stick with mustache print, is joined by a craftsman's knife and a measuring tape with the mustache symbol. The hope is that craftsmen around Sweden will take the opportunity to buy this set while proudly wear them and show support for the Mustaschkampen.

Beijer's campaign runs from 1 November to 31 December.

Kaspar Bach Habersaat