STARK Danmark takes part in the iconic Fehmarnbelt Tunnel

STARK Group’s subsidiarity, STARK Danmark, is opening a shop at the Fehmarnbelt tunnel’s construction site at Rødbyhavn, Denmark. The goal is to become the preferred supplier to the contractors building the DKK 60 billion construction project. 

The work on the Fehmarnbelt tunnel between Rødbyhavn, Denmark, and Puttgarden, Germany, is advancing. Several contractors are in place, and now STARK Danmark is also moving into the construction site to serve the project’s many contractors and craftsmen.

The Fehmarnbelt Tunnel is the largest construction project in Danish history with a price tag of estimated DKK 60 billion and is expected to run until 2027. As Denmarks largest supplier of building materials and with a long track-record of contributing to major construction projects in Northern Europe, it is only natural for STARK to be an integrated partner on the Fehmarnbelt project. 

The large, international contractors who are to build the immersed tunnels and access facilities will provide themselves with the huge amounts of concrete and gravel that are to be used. STARK is ready with a 320 m2 shop that will serve the craftsmen with tools, equipment and workwear, ensuring that the craftsmen and contractors have everything they need. 

STARK is willing to go the extra mile for the customers providing the best possible service and advice. In order to do so, STARK draws on experiences from other large construction projects in which they have been involved, such as construction projects for Facebook, Google, Carlsbergbyen and Odense University Hospital. 

“In these large construction projects, our size is our strength: We have all the materials, product documentation and superior logistics and delivery. STARK Shop Femern opens on 21 June. It will be an exciting task as we are talking about a gigantic project that will provide massive activity in the area. The construction of the Fehmarnbelt tunnel is important for Denmark, and being part of this project creates pride and enthusiasm throughout the entire organisation,” says Project Director at STARK Danmark, Henning Møller Pedersen. 


Kaspar Bach Habersaat