STARK Group achieves the highest ranking for the third time in a row in EcoVadis' sustainability rating

For the third time in a row, STARK Group secures the highest distinction, a platinum rating, in EcoVadis’ global sustainability assessment, thus maintaining its position among the top 1 per cent of the more than 125,000 assessed companies globally. Since receiving its first platinum rating in 2021, STARK Group has made steady improvements and climbed the ladder from 78 to 88 points out of 100.

STARK Group has attained a platinum rating from EcoVadis, one of the world’s leading providers of business sustainability ratings. EcoVadis conducts 125,000 assessments each year based on a company's policies, actions and results, focusing on 21 sustainability criteria across the categories of Environment, Labour and Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement.

CEO of STARK Group, Søren P. Olesen says:

Sustaining our platinum rating reflects our commitment and dedication to advancing and strengthening our work with sustainability and the processes behind it. The integration of sustainability into our strategy, as well as key processes, is a prerequisite to remaining relevant to our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.”

We bear a responsibility to our customers, owners, investors, and partners not just to uphold our sustainability commitments but also to conduct consistent and transparent assessments of our performance. This is why the EcoVadis platinum rating holds significant importance for us. It serves as a reliable, global benchmark for our performance, offering independent validation that sustainability is an inherent and integral aspect of our business operations."

STARK Group excelled in the categories of Environment, Labor and human rights and sustainable procurement, where the company scored 90/100. This underlines STARK Group's ambition to be the preferred partner for sustainable construction, where the company sees itself as an important partner for the green transition in construction.

STARK Group makes climate-friendly construction easier for tradespeople  

With its own house in order, the company is taking another important step to expand its leadership in sustainability. Following a strategy review in 2023, the Group is working on “commercialising sustainability”, not least more climate-friendly solutions.

"We are committed to reducing our carbon emission to zero but acknowledge that our direct emissions in scope 1 and 2 only account for 1% of our total emissions. We want to market sustainability in ways that encourage suppliers to invest in making their products more climate- and environmentally friendly and in ways that make tradespeople and their customers demand these. We work with suppliers and tradespeople to support them in their daily work, and we market services that make the climate impact from our products transparent and comparable. The building industry is a commercial environment. Now we are adding a commercial answer to accelerate the transition to more sustainability,” says Søren P. Olesen.

Most recently, STARK Group introduced carbon data on their product ranges in Denmark and Sweden. The carbon data provides transparency about the climate impact of each individual product in the decision-making process, as well as easy documentation for calculations to make it easier for tradespeople to comply with new and upcoming requirements and regulations within sustainability.

STARK Group has joined a number of initiatives related to diversity, equality and inclusion, and the company works within fully 2030-validated science-based targets to support the Paris Agreement. STARK Group has since 2021 been an active member of the UN's Global Compact.

About STARK Group

About STARK Group

STARK Group is a leading business-to-business merchant and distributor of heavy building materials for the construction industry in Europe, with a strategic focus on serving professional builders from its more than 1,150 branches. In 2023, STARK Group had net sales of EUR 7 billion. The company serves a portfolio of 450,000 customers and collaborates with approx. 15,000 suppliers. Headquartered in Denmark, STARK Group employs more than 20,000 employees in Germany, Austria, the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway. The Group holds leading national or regional position in all markets.

STARK Group is committed to reaching net zero emissions by 2050 across the entire business, is a signatory to the UN Global Compact, and works within fully 2030-validated science-based targets to keep global warming below 1.5°C.

Kaspar Bach Habersaat