GENTRÆ makes Danish Million-Dollar construction project greener

STARK Danmark’s project GENTRÆ (Re-wood) has saved the DGNB construction project at Kay Fiskers Plads in Ørestaden, Denmark, several tonnes of CO2. By having the temporary construction site tree picked up and recycled, the construction has become more environmentally friendly.

At Kay Fiskers Plads in Ørestaden, Denmark, the construction company Hoffmann is completing a Million-Dollar construction for KLP Ejendomme. As the largest DGNB Gold certified project in Denmark to date, a very high degree of sustainability has been considered in the project from the start. The certification means that the construction gets points for recycling materials. This has been done in close collaboration with STARK Group’s subsidiary, STARK Danmark, and the GENTRÆ project.

GENTRÆ involves recycling temporary wood in construction instead of burning it after use. STARK Danmark delivers cages to the construction site and picks them up when they are filled with wood. The wood is then cleaned, after which it is sold in STARK branches or recycled for other projects.

So far, STARK Danmark has collected 17 tonnes of wood from the construction at Kay Fiskers Plads and saved the environment more than seven tonnes of CO2. The 17 tonnes of wood has already been given new life. Part of the wood has been used to build skate ramps at Game Streetmekka in Viborg, Denmark. The remaining wood will be sold in STARK's branches.

Kaspar Bach Habersaat