The concept GENTRÆ (RE-WOOD) is being initiated in Sweden

STARK Group’s subsidiary Beijer Byggmaterial initiates the recycling concept GENTRÆ as a pilot project in collaboration with Peab and Wihlborgs. The concept is being launched as part of Wihlborgs’ building project Kvartetten in Malmö, Sweden, an office building of 23,000 sqm. The building project is characterized by sustainable solutions that permeate the entire construction where materials are carefully selected, and a large part comes from recycling. 

Each year tonnes of wood are thrown out and with wood as the largest product category, it was important for Beijer to find a way to utilize the forest’s resources in the most sustainable way possible. By exploiting synergies within the Group, Beijer is now testing the GENTRÆ concept, a huge success in its sister company STARK Danmark. The vision for the project is that GENTRÆ will be part of Beijer’s offering to its customers.

The building project originates from LFM30, an initiative in which the industry - builders, contractors and material suppliers -works together towards a climate-neutral construction sector in 2030. The initiative recently received the Real Estate Öresund Award "Innovators of the year".

"We need to find circular business models in our industry. Wood is an important product category for us, so it feels great to be part of this project that is a circular system for recycling wood. Within LFM30, we found partners in Wihlborgs and Peab that share our vision of working more circularly. I truly believe we have something really good going on here," says Alexandra Rosenqvist, Sustainability and Environmental Manager at Beijer Byggmaterial.

GENTRÆ involves recycling temporary wood in construction instead of burning it after use. Beijer delivers cages to the construction site and picks them up when they are filled with wood. The wood is then cleaned, after which it is sold in Beijer branches or recycled for other projects. In this way, the customers reduce their waste during construction, which also means reduced costs.


Kaspar Bach Habersaat