STARK Danmark signs diversity pledge

The construction industry would benefit from more diversity. Hence, STARK Danmark joins The Confederation of Danish Industry (DI)’s Gender Diversity Pledge in recognition of the need for more gender diversity in the workplace.

Women make up more than half of the Danish population; however, only a third of the employees in the private sector are women, and the number is significantly lower in leadership and management roles. The Confederation of Danish Industry will rectify this imbalance with The Gender Diversity Pledge. The initiative obliges Danish companies to commit to achieving more gender equality in the workplace. STARK Group’s subsidiary STARK Danmark is among the signatories. 

“All studies show that diversity in companies provides a better work environment and improves the results. Diversity is simply good business. We need to create more gender equality on all levels. This is especially true in our own industry, where only ten percent of the workforce, and even fewer in management, are women. We see a genuine need for change, which is why we are signing the pledge,” says Britta Korre Stenholt, CEO of STARK Danmark. 

The Gender Diversity Pledge is based on 16 principles to help companies achieve more gender equality. The ambition is to make Denmark the best country to live and do business in. Specifically, the goal is to achieve a 60/40 gender balance by 2030. This will be done with respect to different working conditions that might exist in various industries and companies. Therefore, the signatories must work with their own targets reflecting these conditions. The crucial factor is not to reach the ideal 60/40 gender balance but for the company to move towards the goal.

Kaspar Bach Habersaat